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5 Well being Advantages of Consuming Tea With Milk: 5 Facet Results

Benefits of Drinking Tea With Milk

Including milk to tea could have better advantages when consumed in reasonable portions.

Tea (Camellia sinensis) is a sub-tropical, evergreen plant native to Asia. It’s a mixture of sizzling water and tea leaves and is mostly consumed with or with out milk. Some individuals who have sensitivity towards milk merchandise select to not add milk to their tea.

The antioxidants current in tea and the varied vitamins in milk, corresponding to proteins, calcium, and potassium, present higher well being advantages.

Tea can assist you kick begin the day. Add ginger and cardamon for taste and well being advantages. You possibly can have milk tea in reasonable quantities day by day as a result of it doesn’t have a extreme impression on sleep cycles and different day by day actions. Keep away from excessive quantities of sugar in your tea.

The origins of milk tea are actually not restricted to a selected tradition, however the British had an excellent affect in including milk to tea. The favored Indian “chai” tea is made by including milk to tea and has been influenced by the British. Bubble and masala chai teas are well-known kinds of milk tea and are fashionable all through the world.

Add milk to tea as a result of

  1. Including milk could have better advantages when consumed in reasonable portions. Many add a number of different substances, corresponding to ginger, cardamom, holy basil leaves, or cloves, which have nice advantages.
  2. Tea tastes slightly bitter and dry, which is named astringency. Including milk or any type of dairy to tea mellows and smoothens the flavour of the tea.

5 well being advantages of getting tea with milk

  1. Gives energy to the physique: Tea is wealthy in antioxidants, and milk is wealthy in calcium, potassium, and nutritional vitamins D and B12, that are vital for wholesome bones and muscle mass.
  2. Nice supply of power: A glass of milk provides you plenty of power, and the carbs and different contents of milk assist enhance your power ranges.
  3. Enhance pores and skin well being: Having milk or low-fat milk moderately have nice outcomes on the pores and skin. Important fat and antioxidants current within the milk enhance pores and skin well being, present glowing pores and skin, and forestall early growing older.
  4. Stress reliever: Milk tea has antidepressant results as a result of presence of vitamins, corresponding to tryptophan, which assist improve temper and reminiscence and scale back stress. Milk tea has caffeine that refreshes the physique. It might set off anxiousness when taken in extra.
  5. Efficient for weight reduction: The fat within the milk assist acquire weight and the polyphenols and caffeine current in tea assist shed extra pounds.

Easy methods to make milk tea


  • Milk: 1 cup.
  • Tea leaves: 2 tablespoons.
  • Sugar: 1 or 2 teaspoons (elective).
  • Water: ¼ cup.


  • In a vessel, convey water to a boil.
  • Add tea leaves and switch off the warmth.
  • Let it brew for two to three minutes, after which pressure.
  • Add heat milk and blend nicely.
  • Serve.

A number of kinds of tea are discovered all through the world, corresponding to masala chai, Hong Kong tea, boba tea, Bubble milk tea, and Thai iced tea.


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5 doable unwanted effects of milk tea

  1. Gastric issues: Milk tea is made with dairy, which may trigger bloating, gasoline, and indigestion. Caffeine current in tea can dehydrate your physique and results in constipation.
  2. Sleep disturbances: Milk tea incorporates caffeine, which ends up in problem sleeping. Including sugar to this drink may even make the situation worse.
  3. Weight acquire: Milk tea incorporates vital quantities of fat and sugars. The fat and sugars current in milk tea could lead to weight acquire.
  4. Nervousness: Overdose of milk tea ends in chemical imbalances within the mind and triggers anxiousness or temper disturbances.
  5. Different unwanted effects are:

Milk tea has nice well being advantages, mood-uplifting capabilities, and restricted downsides. Keep away from including sugar to tea to reap all its advantages.

Medically Reviewed on 8/26/2022


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