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How to Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkling To Its Fullest

If you want your engagement ring to look as good as new, keep reading to learn how. When we look at our rings they should remind us of happy memories and not leave us feeling frustrated with gunk build-up. If you’re ready for a how-to clean your engagement ring session, read until the end!


Cleaning rings at home

Cleaning your engagement ring at home is the easiest way. You won’t need any fancy equipment or polishing solutions and you can do it in no time!

You simply need a bowl of warm water, some dish soap, a soft toothbrush, and a towel to dry. Add your dish soap to the warm water, use your toothbrush to mix, and leave your ring to soak in the water for 20 minutes.

After that, gently scrub at the crevices in circular motions with your toothbrush and rinse to remove the dirt. This can be repeated several times to achieve the result you want, in a quick and easy method!

You can do this every other week to make sure that any build-up of grease or dust is immediately dealt with and does not accumulate over time.


Professional cleaners for cleaning rings

If the grime builds up too much for the dish soap, we recommend taking it to a professional cleaner when this occurs. Stubborn dirt in hard-to-reach spaces can be very difficult to clean at home. This is very normal and these environments should only be cleaned by professionals.

You could try contacting the store your ring was purchased from to see if they offer cleaning or free maintenance.



The risk of damaging your ring is present even when you are cleaning. To protect it, take it off from time to time so that grease or dirt doesn’t work its way into the delicate details.

If you’re the type who doesn’t want to take their gloves off, wearing them during these activities can help just as much in keeping your hands clean. You also need to be extra careful during harder chores such as fixing appliances and furniture so you don’t scratch the gems or metal bands.


What to Avoid

As you clean and maintain your ring, remember to use a dry cloth or tissue paper. You can also gently rub the edges of the ring with toothpaste for some extra shine. Lastly, never let it come in contact with harsh chemicals such as bleach or acetone—these will cause irreversible damage!

One should always take care of their prized possessions, and that includes your engagement ring. Make sure to consult someone who knows about the product or find a knowledgeable person before using it on your ring so that you can avoid damage. Keep in mind how precious this piece is for sentimental reasons as well!


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