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Nigerian dwarf goats promoting for as much as $15,000 as pets and for high-quality milk

A Gold Coast artwork director says he is not “kidding round” as he leads the cost to enhance the genetics of the Nigerian dwarf goat, which first arrived in Australia seven years in the past.

Rodney Surawski runs a world enterprise designing and putting in artwork and sculptures inside royal palaces, luxurious lodges and mega mansions.

However he grew to become keen on main manufacturing when his 13-year-old granddaughter wished to purchase and present miniature goats.

The Guanaba property proprietor bought one of many first Nigerian dwarf bucks after they arrived in Australia in 2014.

“There’s numerous them in Australia now. They’re in each state.

“Due to their dimension and their nice personalities, good temperaments, they’re simple to deal with for older folks and for teenagers.”

Mr Surawski, who owns Stoney Creek Farm within the Gold Coast hinterland, mentioned they had been in style pets, however they had been additionally recognized for his or her high-quality milk manufacturing.

“They’ve the highest quality milk of all of the dairy goats. They’ve the best butterfat content material, which is nice for cheeses.

“It is loads creamier, loads tastier than your regular goat’s milk.”

Mr Surawski mentioned the milk was wanted by folks with allergy symptoms or those that had been lactose illiberal.

Goat breeder Rodney Surawski holding a Nigerian Dwarf kid.
Gold Coast breeder Rodney Surawski says the goats are identical to canine.(

ABC Gold Coast: Tom Forbes


The president of the Dairy Goat Society of Australia, Ian Tyers, mentioned goats milk was measured on quantity, proportion of physique fats and proportion of protein.

“With Nigerians [goats], we discover that they’re someplace round one-third of the manufacturing of a standard-sized goat,” he mentioned.

“A typical-sized goat, you’d count on 3.5 per cent by means of to possibly 4.5 per cent butter fats relying on the time of the yr.

“A purebred Nigerian ought to begin at 6 per cent butterfat and are very often discovered larger than that.”

Two men with two Nigerian Dwarf goats goats in a paddock.
The goat’s dimension could make it harder to take advantage of than normal dairy goats.(

Provided: Stoney Creek Farm


Mr Tyers mentioned Nigerian dwarfs produced much less milk than normal goats, and their small stature might make them tough to take advantage of in conventional goat dairy services.

The beginning value for a desexed male goat, or wether, is round $400 whereas a doe is priced from $1,000 as much as $15,000.

The Nigerian dwarf breeder mentioned he was now making an attempt to enhance the breed’s genetics by importing high-quality semen and embryos.

“We’ll go straight into an embryo implant program. Now we have about 50 embryos to implant.

“So that may give us a 100 per cent Nigerian dwarf on the bottom from the highest studs in America.”

Excessive demand

Mr Surawski mentioned there was unprecedented demand for the Nigerian dwarf breed.

“Proper now, the bigger type dairy goats, the value vary could be as much as $1,000, and that is a beginning value for a Nigerian dwarf,” he mentioned.

“So there is a massive distinction within the precise price.

Nigerian Dwarf goats feeding on grass.
The goat’s weight loss plan predominantly consists of hay, together with lucerne.(

Provided: Stoney Creek Farm


“Every thing in a big dairy goat is now compacted right into a smaller-sized animal which takes much less to feed, they’re simpler to deal with, and on high of that, you’ve gotten the best butterfat content material.”

Nigerian dwarf does can produce between one and two litres of milk a day.

Origins unclear

The Nigerian dwarf originated in west Africa, and the breed was additional developed in the US, the place they’ve been as a recognised breed for the previous 15 years.

“They’ve an unbelievable motion over there. They’ve hundreds of dwarf goat exhibits. It is an enormous business in America.”

Ian Tyers, the president of the Dairy Goat Society of Australia, mentioned there was conjecture about whether or not the goats did originate in Nigeria.

He mentioned some folks suspected they had been a small crossbreed of a Spanish goat that made its solution to Mexico after which into the US.

Both manner, he mentioned there have been combined reactions from goat breeders in Australia.

“Primarily based on US expertise, they’re most likely going to finish up essentially the most dominant breed in Australia.

“We should be on this bandwagon.”

Goat herd manager Tracy Guest witting with Nigerian Dwarf doe.
Herd supervisor Tracy Visitor says Nigerian dwarf goats have particular dietary necessities.(

ABC Gold Coast: Tom Forbes


Mr Surawski, who can be a member of the Miniature Goat Breeders Affiliation of Australia (MGBAA), mentioned the Nigerian dwarf had been accepted as a class at subsequent yr’s Royal Easter Present in Sydney.

“Now we have exhibits all all through Australia,” he mentioned.

“We do the Toowoomba Royal, they usually all have their lessons underneath the MGBAA.”

Diet challenges

The herd supervisor at Stoney Creek Farm, Tracy Visitor, mentioned goats had been self-sufficient when dwelling within the wild as a result of they sought out the vitamins and minerals they required.

“The bottom breed being African, they have a tendency to wish much more looking of bushes, so we do exit and get Acacia bushes and numerous varieties to allow them to have a browse.

“Principally, we base their weight loss plan on hays, somewhat little bit of lucerne and dietary supplements.”


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