Over the recent years, the prices of diamonds are fluctuating which has been a concern for the sellers. The prices of diamonds may vary according to the value of US dollars. The sellers have shown much concern regarding the rise and fall of diamond prices and value.  It has impacted the customers’ demand as if the prices were high buyers didn’t want to buy diamonds again if the prices were reasonable then buyers showed more interest. 


The recent pandemic has played a huge part in the downfall of demand for customers and sellers had to suffer a lot. The market can be a bit unfaithful to the sellers if the prices are high then the demand gets too low. The below per response affects the net profit of the business as a result sellers had to face a loss of money by selling exclusive items at normal prices.


In the case of diamonds, scenes were slightly changed after the introduction of man-made diamonds. In the initial stage lab diamonds were not that popular choice and the price range was average. But the qualities of man-made diamonds also known as lab diamonds had amazed customers. As time passed, people got to know that lab diamonds were made by two methods mostly known as hpht vs cvd and the lab diamonds replicate real diamonds. 

The main factors that highlighted customers about lab diamonds were:


  • Similarities 


If a customer wanted to buy diamonds he had to first think about the price range. If it was too high the buyers used to think twice before purchasing one. After the arrival of lab diamonds, customers were happy to buy such high-quality diamonds that have the maximum similarity to real diamonds. 


  • lasting capacity 


As it was an affordable purchase from a buyer’s point of view, they were a little curious about how long the diamond will last but it was made with such qualities that it could last for long years without the colour or quality getting damaged. 


  • Price factor 


One of the biggest considerations about lab diamonds was that they are affordable compared to real diamonds. The growing process of the lab was different as hpht diamonds grow in cuboctahedron which was slightly costly whereas cvd diamonds were inexpensive. The vital difference between cvd vs hpht diamonds was the growth process and price. Overall, the price range was quite suitable for the customers and sellers were happy to notice the demand for lab diamonds is increasing rapidly in the global market. 


Lastly, the dilemma of sellers remains whether the inconsistent price ranges may hamper the sales of diamonds in future. In real terms, the pandemic has massively affected the sales of diamonds as the demand dropped. But, recent reports suggest that there has been a good recovery in 2022. As prices moved higher by 2.2% also there are good chances that the sales of diamonds will rise more in the future. 


Besides, diamonds are considered a safe investment so the inconsistency of prices may or may not hamper the sales of diamonds, hugely depending on current market condition, trend, and market price.