It’s no secret that luxury watch sales are booming right now. In fact, in the past three years, the industry has experienced unprecedented growth. It’s never been a better time to sell luxury watches, which makes the question of how to sell your luxury watch even more important. If you have a watch that’s worth buying and selling, this guide will help you get the most for your luxury watch at the highest profit margins. Read on to learn how to sell your luxury watch for maximum profit.

Know the Different Types of Watch Sellers

The first step to selling your watch is to understand the various types of watch sellers and what they have to offer. There are two categories of watch sellers: private sellers and watch dealers.


A private seller is a person who sells their watches online. These sellers will list their watches on online auction sites like eBay and watch forums like Omega’s own OmegaTimeZone. Private sellers are often watching collectors who have a few watches to sell.

A watch dealer is a business that sells watches. They can be any type of business, from a boutique to an online retailer to a jewelry store. Most of the time, watch dealers will buy and sell watches on their own.

Always Stay Consistent

One of the biggest mistakes watch sellers make is changing their listing too often. Despite the fact that different listing templates may be effective at certain times, you’ll want to stick with the same format throughout your listing.

You’ll also want to stay consistent with your listing’s descriptions. Having two different descriptions for the same watch can be confusing for buyers. You’ll want to make sure that every description for every listing is as clear and concise as possible.

Don’t Be Afraid to Price Your Watch High

One of the best ways to sell your luxury watch is by pricing it high. There are two ways to approach this. First, you can price your watch according to what it’s actually worth. You can use a variety of online tools to do this, including a site like Antiquewatch or a service like AuctionArtefact. You can also price your watch according to your desired profit margin.


Always Include Description and Detailed Photos

Every listing you make will be viewed by a potential buyer. To make that buyer more likely to buy your watch, you’ll want to include a thorough description and detailed photos. Your listing’s description is the first thing a buyer sees when he views your listing. It’s your chance to make an impression on that buyer, so make sure it’s as thorough and clear as possible.



There are many ways to sell your luxury watch. The best way depends on a variety of factors, including the watch itself, your marketing strategy, and your profit margin.