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10 Things First Time Moms Need to Know

New moms have many fears before a baby enters their daily routine. The best option is to be ready to accept changes. This list of 10 recommendations might be beneficial for every expectant mother.

Babies don’t follow your schedule

Many parents read books about the daily regimes of babies, including their sleeping hours and feeding routines. An infant is an individual with its own needs. So your baby is not obliged to follow your rules, and you’ll have to adapt to its wishes.

Not all parents fall in love with their kids from the first sight

It takes time to live with the thought that you’re a parent now. You may dislike your kid’s behavior, unwillingness to sleep, and other features, and it’s OK. You can adapt to new feelings and social roles when your hormones and body return to the norm.

Things First Time Moms Need to Know

Breastfeeding is challenging

Moms often have breast pain, leaking milk, and irritation because of breastfeeding. Some need to keep to a diet to prevent gassy tummies and allergies in their babies. That’s why you should consider bottle feeding and buying organic baby food to avoid newborn constipation formula-fed problems, and nervous breakdowns because of nighttime breastfeeding. 

Entrust your baby to someone else for your sake

You can burn out if you wish to do everything on your own. If you have someone to entrust your baby to, it’ll be better to do that. Your husband, mother, or mother-in-law can take care of it from time to time to let you relax and go shopping or enjoy SPA procedures.

Don’t overload yourself

It’s normal to have a mess at home when your baby is playing. You should not try to manage all your housework alone because you won’t have time for your dearest infant. It’s better to have a dishwasher or hire a cleaning service to skip some duties and devote yourself to your child’s upbringing or personal needs.

Parenting has many pitfalls

Knowing everything about a baby’s organism, eating habits, health problems, sleeping difficulties, and sensitivity to body care topicals is impossible. You have the right to make a mistake because nobody is perfect. Experience is time-related, but you can read books about child’s diseases, eco-friendly shampoos, washing tools, and diapers to guarantee the best baby care.

It’s OK not to be perfect

You may read about 3-year-old kids who solve puzzles and speak six languages, but it shouldn’t trouble you. Most kids start sitting independently at six months, while others can do that earlier or later. If your child doesn’t belong to the traditional “can” or “cannot” schedule, it’s OK. Every child is unique.

It’s normal to feel sorry for yourself

All mommies are tired because of sleepless nights, too many house duties, and constant worries about their baby’s bloating, gasses, and regurgitation. Mothers often feel sorry for being too weak and wanting to have rest without a baby. So, it’s better to find support and recharge to have enough energy for a baby’s needs.

Get ready for relationship problems

Couples often quarrel when a baby cries at night or creates a mess at home. Being a parent is challenging for relationships because couples get fewer opportunities to spend romantic time together. You should discuss problems and share responsibilities with your partner to avoid conflicts. 

Keep in touch with your pediatrician

You should phone your doctor when a baby feels unwell. A good online health advisor will let you feel calm when something goes wrong. Kids often get sick, so it is safer to have a responsible and knowledgeable expert ready to provide helpful recommendations when you or your baby needs them. 


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