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Tree rings counsel NT water allocations could also be too beneficiant alongside Daly River: examine

Scientists imagine the Northern Territory might have had a a lot drier previous, warning that if it continues at hand out unprecedented water allocations based mostly on present information, there may very well be “main environmental and cultural harm”. 

Tree rings from the Katherine area have offered researchers with a uncommon glimpse into information courting again virtually 600 years that reveals rivers haven’t at all times flowed on the price they do in the present day — in truth, they flowed at a lot decrease ranges.

“The previous couple of many years have been the wettest that we have seen in 600 years,” UNSW Affiliate Professor Fiona Johnson mentioned.

“The Northern Territory has among the wildest and most pristine rivers on the earth traditionally, and we will see what goes incorrect in different components of Australia the place water has been over-allocated.

“There are many examples the place water has been allotted, significantly at occasions of upper flows, after which we discover that when issues returned to dry intervals, there’s not sufficient water left over for the surroundings.”

A woman stands in between trees
Fiona Johnson says the analysis affords an alternative to make use of science to keep away from making errors. (Provided: Fiona Johnson)

In a examine revealed by UNSW, groups examined 63 tree rings — which comprise a climate historical past that may date again centuries — alongside the Daly River by drilling a gap and extracting a small portion for evaluation.

As bushes develop they kind a definite new circle of wooden round their trunk yearly. Inside that ring, details about age, temperature, and rainfall is recorded.

“We assume that in good situations, in moist years, the bushes will develop sooner, and in dry years the bushes will develop much less and so the tree rings will likely be much less thick,” Affiliate Professor Johnson mentioned.

The oldest tree ring file the group may discover within the Daly examine was 250 years previous, however by inspecting bushes in South-East Asia, which had been topic to the identical monsoon weather conditions, the scientists had been in a position to return additional to reconstruct streamflow patterns.

Researchers examine a tree
Researchers reconstructed a rainfall interval that went again virtually 600 years.(Provided: UNSW)

Authorities’s allocations too beneficiant

Lead writer of the examine, Philippa Higgins, has taken intention on the cotton business specifically and its plans to extract 520 gigalitres of water from the Daly River.

She mentioned the information the federal government based mostly its selections on was too small — solely courting again 50 to 60 years.

The Douglas Daly area is about 200 kilometres south of Darwin and sits on high of the Olloo Dolostone Aquifer, which has virtually been totally allotted by way of sustainable water yields for business.

It additionally incorporates the Katherine Tindall Aquifer, which can be beneath immense strain from over-allocations.


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